Vanochtend onthulde art’otels dat Atelier van Lieshout de ‘signature artist’  wordt van hun jongste hotel, dat zeer binnenkort zal openen in Amsterdam. Het art’otel Amsterdam wordt dé nieuwe culturele hotspot in het stadshart Amsterdam. Het oorspronkelijke kantoorgebouw, een Rijksmonument  (Hoofdkantoor Koninklijke Hollandsche Lloyd)  is door  ADP getransformeerd tot een modern en functioneel gebouw dat ruimte geeft aan de vele gebruiksmogelijkheden.

Lees hieronder het hele persbericht:

art’otel amsterdam’s wide selection of art by Atelier Van Lieshout complements perfectly the stylish décor in the public areas and guestrooms. Atelier Van Lieshout takes its creative vision from owner Joep van Lieshout, striving to break society’s rules through art; creating objects that balance art, architecture and design.  Ranked as one of the top five most recognised Dutch artists in 2012 by renowned Elsevier Magazine, Atelier Van Lieshout is a true global artist with a renowned customer base including recognised museums and art collectors.  The themes reflect conceptual, social, functional and non-functional elements and visions.  One of Atelier Van Lieshout’s most well-known themes is the Course of Life, of which all 120 pieces of art found within the public areas and bedrooms in art’otel amsterdam take inspiration from.

“The Course of Life theme represents simplicity and the different phases of life.  Art is about interpretation.  I believe that the majority of our lives are spent with family and friends and the theme complements the essence of art’otel, a place to spend time enjoying oneself in an art-inspired surrounding.  Guests will be able to see pieces such as the Fertility Lamp, Skull Chair, Wall Decoration and Woman Bench which perfectly complement the vision and feel of art’otel amsterdam.” Joep van Lieshout.

Alternating exhibitions in the Gallery promote the work of established and emerging contemporary artists. A rich cultural programme is managed by our artistic team with the aim of creating new and exciting cross-overs between art, design, cuisine and hospitality.

Designated studios provide a platform for young and promising artists to showcase their art and raise their profile, with the creative process evolving in front of visitors’ eyes. The hotel’s upper and lower ground floors are connected by the signature 12-metre, two-storey art curtain, which displays video art and creates different ambiences throughout the day.

An extensive Art Library seeks to educate, inform and inspire with hand-picked books and a wide selection of magazines relating to art, culture, design and lifestyle. Visitors and guests can purchase publications, exclusive art from the signature artist and enjoy front row seats for the video art display. The Art Lounge showcases larger artwork.